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Welcome to Prof. OHKADO Masayuki's Page

I am a Professor at Chubu University (Faculty of General Education).

My research interests are: (i) historical development of the English language, (ii) the syntax of Old English, (iii) comparative studies of Japanese and English, (iv) the application of the insights obtained from these fields to English education.

I am also interested in and having been working on various paranormal pheneomena, especially (i) children with past life memories, (ii) past-life memories recalled under hypnosis, (iii) near-death experiences, (iv) survival of consciousness after death, and (iv) how the knowledge of these paranormal phenomena affects our way of life.

Address: Chubu University, Faculty of General Education
487-8501 Aichi-ken Kasugai-shi Matsumoto-cho 1200, JAPAN
E-mail: ohkado@isc.chubu.ac.jp

I am a member of

International Society of Life Information Science (ISLSI) (Director [2009-2010], Mangaing Director [2010-], Editor [2012-], Director of Tokai Branch [2012-]),
Society for Mind-Body Science (Director [2012-]),
Society for Psychical Research,
Society for Scientific Exploration,
Societas Linguistica Europaea,
The English Linguistic Society of Japan (Member of the Conference Organization Committee [1996-1998], Editor [2005-2009], Councilor [2008-], ),
The Japan Association of College English Teachers,
The Japan Society for Medieval English Studies,(Member of the Conference Organizaiton Committee [1999-2002], Editor [2002-2005]),
The Linguistic Society of Japan,
The English Literary Society of Japan, and
The Modern English Association (Editor [2001-2005], Director [2008-2009]).

I also served as a councilor [2003-2005], PTA vice-president [2005-2006], PTA president [2006-2007] of the Hokubu Elementary School, Miyoshi-cho, and the Kurozasa Elementary School, Miyoshi-cho [2007-2008].