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Welcome to Prof. OHKADO Masayuki's Page

I am a Professor at Chubu Universit, Japan (Graduate School of Genearl Humanistics, School of General Education).

My research interests are: (i) the nature of consciousnes, especially its survival after the bodily death; (ii) the role of language in relation to consciousness (or thought); (iii) children with past-life memories; (iv) near-death experiences; (v) and other paranormal experiences; and (vi) how the knowledge of these paranormal phenomena can affect our way of life.

The below are some of my works available online:

 ・ A Case of a Japanese Child with Past-Life Memories. Journal of Scientific Exploartio, 27(4), 625-636, 2013.

・ Facial Features of Burmese with Past-Life Memories as Japanese Soldiers. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 28(4), 597-603, 2014.  

・ Children with Life-Between-Life Memories. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 28(3), 477-490, 2014. (With Dr. IKEGAWA Akira) 

 ・ Children's Birth, Womb, Prelife, and Past-Life Memories: Results of an Ineternet-Based Survey. Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, 30(1), 3-16. 2015.

・ A Same-Family Case of the Reincarnation Type in Japan. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 30(4), 524-536, 2016.

・ Same-Family Cases of the Reincarnation Type in Japan. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 31(4), 551-571, 2017.

 ・ A New Approach to Collecting Children's Statements Concerning Their Prenatal and Perinatal Memories. Biomedical Journal of Scinetific and Technical Research, 4(4), 4040-4043, 2018.     

  ・ A Comparison of Hypnotically-Induced Death Experiences and Near-Death Experiences. Journal of International Society of Life Information Science, 36(2), 73-77. (With Dr. Bruce Greyson)

  ・ A Japanese Case of the Reincarnation Type with Written Records Made Before Verifications: A Child Claiming to Have Fought on the Battleship Yamato. Explore, 19, 153-159, 2013.